The Seller, sometimes, Should be Beware!

August 15, 2012

This picture is the 1937 RCA Victor Radio I have owned since my parents 'handed it down' to me about 20 years ago. 

I recall them purchasing at an auction (must have been late 1960s/early 1970s) for a quarter.

Then, after I put about $1,000 into getting it rehabilitated and the original radio guts up and running like days of old.  

It was great.

Then in the midst of our move from Indy to Madison - I made the painful decision to put it up for sale since it is quite heavy and we needed to downsize some more - and thought perhaps it would lead to some cash that would come in handy for the move.

After listing it on a web sale site - I received a message inquiring and offering me full price for the radio. 


My first reaction was surprise and relief. 
Just a minute, sport, the 'fat lady' is just warming up, not singing yet.

I received an email explaining the check would be sent directly via express mail (although it took a while to arrive) and the explanations received via email made some sense.
Later, more than a week, later, came a check that was more than five times too much!  (Aaah, I thought the buyer realized the true value... but no, I couldn't accept that without checking first.)

Yet, what to my surprise when I sat down at the email machine - an email for the purchaser apologizing for the error and asking me to please cash the check and then send the difference above the purchase price on to the shipper at the provided address.  (Oh, I could keep $50 for my trouble!)

The more I considered the events that elapsed over nearly two weeks of time, the less sense it made.  A little sleuthing later, I mailed the entire check to the provided address and loaded the radio into the moving van.

Turns out there are scammers out there - and thanks to others sharing their story on the seller's web site - I was able to avoid getting scammed to the tune of $2,700 (plus whatever fees for sending bad checks).

The good news - the radio sounds great here in Madison!