So here's the story

August 8, 2012

The first time I was called Pointdexter was at J.A. Craig High School in Janesville, Wisconsin (about 40 miles south and east of here).

If I remember correctly it was bestowed on me by another member of the school's debate team (note, I said another member). 

Sometimes, for fun, it was just 'Point,' or 'Pointy.'  It was not a compliment.

According to Wikipedia - here are a couple of references:

  • Poindexter, a character in the animated cartoon Felix the Cat
    • A term for a nerd, referring to this character
  • Arnold Poindexter, a character in the film Revenge of the Nerds and its sequel, portrayed by Timothy Busfield
  • Poindexter, the main character in the film The People Under the Stairs
  • Sydney Poindexter, a nerdy ghost who loathes bullies, appears in the cartoon "Danny Phantom"

  • I decided the best response was to go along and laugh along with the rest of them.  What was I going to do, beat them up?  HA

    Over my three years at Craig (grades started at 10), it became just another nickname and I learned that while I couldn't control what others said, I could somewhat control the way I reacted. 

    The guy who gave me the name became a good friend and the others on the debate team (really weren't we all pointdexters on some level) got along quite well.

    It's not a name I'd like to revive, and I'd encourage you not to add this moniker to someone you know - but as hardships in high school - it was something I learned from and lived with.

    But, you can call me Dave or David.  Thank you very much.