Riding the Military Ridge Trail

August 18, 2012
It was another nice ride today with some beautiful weather - more difficult than most rails to trails rides I've done as there were actual 'honest to goodness' hills on the ride.

Not horrible hills, but with the crushed limestone surface, it was more difficult than I expected.

It's a nice ride from Fitchburg (southside of Madison) to Dodgeville almost straight west - winding through Verona, Mt Horeb, Blanchardville, Barneveld, Ridgeway, and finishing in Dodgeville.

With the rolling hills - it was a great place to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of area dairy farms.

I just love the smell of fresh-cut hay and there was plenty of that laying in the sun drying and farmers out taking advantage of a beautiful day to cut more alfalfa.

A very nice fellow Cheesehead allowed me to borrow his cell phone when I noticed mine had died and I was running behind my planned schedule to arrive at my pick-up point in Dodgeville.   Thank you! 

According to the Traillinks website - the trail gets its name from the Blackhawk Battle between the Sauk and Fox Indian nations and the U.S. Army and militia over the land in 1832. Later, it connected Green Bay to what is now Prairie du Chien. 

A great ride on a beautiful day - hope you had a great Saturday too.