On the Tracks? Or off?

August 30, 2012

A couple of years ago now, I had the great joy of visiting San Fransisco for a few days.

Really, it was two days to get out and see the sights.

So, what must you see if you visit San Fransisco?

Cable Cars, of course!

They were fun.  Rode on each line plus took a ride on the streetcars as well along Fisherman's Wharf and even rode the BART to Berkley, just so we could say we had been there too.

An interesting thing about those cable cars... they can move right along and in any direction.  As long as the direction is forward or backward.

Beyond that, the driver of the car in the picture couldn't just hang a left as he went through the intersection.  The tracks just won't permit it.

It almost feels like magic as you climb aboard and ride.  Climbing hills, descending hills, and traveling through neighborhoods... it's a great time and highly recommended.

Most of those on board don't even think of where the power comes from to move the car.

Just a couple miles away - at the most - is a powerhouse with large turbines that pull the cables over a series of pulleys over the length of the tracks.

It was a very cool sight and the sound was very impressive.  Below the street's surface... miles and miles of cable were busy pulling the cars along toward their destination.  (Or more precisely, the passengers toward their destination.)

Locals likely pay even less attention to the cables pulling along under the streets... but it's not necessary for them to pay attention for the cars to move.  They move either way.

Yodels (like me, probably not most people) just sit and enjoy the ride - watching the people and buildings slide right on by while moving down the center of the street.

It's a neat image.  Unlike the cable cars, we can easily get off the tracks and even disconnect the cable from time to time during our lives.

It's at those times - we learn immediately that we can't get anywhere on our own power and rely on a much larger power source.

For that, everyday we should give thanks to our Lord and Savior... the real power in our lives and in the universe.  My prayer is that we leave the driving to Him.