On the Road... finally!

August 10, 2012

Tomorrow morning I'm throwing myself into the saddle of my vintage (relic, but still functionable) Schwinn Traveler and heading onto the streets of Madison toward the bike path that will take me to New Glarus.

One of the first real long rides in my life involved riding west from Janesville toward Broadhead and northwest on the Sugar River Trail and back to Brodhead.

The problem was my friend and I couldn't really negotiate the distance back to Janesville before dark and had to wait for his dad to come get us and our bikes and haul us home.

From here to New Glarus will be a relaxin 28 mile ride and I'm looking forward to views like th one in the picture from my ride in the 2004 GRABAAWR.  Most of the ride will be on bike paths, so should not need to contend with vehicles too often... but I will stay on my toes.

The plan is to take some pictures and enjoy some local color and flavors for a lunch before returning to the Capitol City.

I'm excited about the ride, and will share more about it when I get back.

Happy Riding!