Moving Day

August 1, 2012

Today, we loaded up our cars after the 'professionals' loaded up a good size moving van with our stuff and the trip to Madison, Wisconsin.

It's kind of a return home - I grew up in Janesville - south of Madison about 40 miles.  We are looking forward to the new digs and opportunities to ride bikes and eat bratwurst and cheese!  Oh, and the Babcock Hall Dairy Ice Cream Parlor.

It's not for nothing that Wisconsin tips the scales as one of the 'biggest' states in the country.  :-)

Yesterday was my last one at Lutheran High School of Indianapolis - and a tough day it was.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time serving with the faculty and staff in that amazing ministry.  It was a joy to be surrounded by Christian friends who went the extra mile for students and colleagues.  The six and a half years were a privilege to serve the school and the extended school family of alumni, parents, and friends.

One of the great experiences at LHSI was my involvement with the Saints Speech team.  Students competed against students in competition through the Indiana High School Forensic Association (IHSFA) and over the past five years each student who participated grew and improved in their ability and confidence to stand up and speak.  It was a great honor to serve as coach.  I'm thrilled that the team has an awesome coach stepping up to help this year - Coach Becky T will be a great coach, encourager, and leader for this great group of young people.  

There will be more reminiscences of those days from time to time, but as the road leads west and then north to Wisconsin - I'm looking forward to joining a team in a foundation setting in Madison where we will set out to build up and encourage those who are striving to improve the lives of senior citizens in south central Wisconsin.

Today, after loading up our stuff - we are half way to our new home.  Thursday should mark our arrival (and return) to the land of Cheese!