Like a duck

August 13, 2012

If it walks like a _____
Quacks like a _____

It's a...


Or is it?

Maybe its just something we want to be a duck - I recall an early north Wisconsin evening keeping an appointment with an insurance client and hearing what I thought were the chirps of many, many baby chicks.  They weren't chicks or ducks - but itty bitty frogs.

Just the same, sometimes we want the duck to be a duck and despite the fact there are no feathers, no wings, and no webbed feet - we insist that the four legged creature in front of us is a duck.

I know that's happened to me several times in my life.  All too frequently, I would continue to insist the thing before me was a duck when it was actually a tuna fish sandwich.

Likewise, there can be times when the quacking - Donald or Daffy like creature before us somehow fools us into thinking they are some type of shape-shifting morph-machine... causing us to walk right past and miss the opportunity for a nice and tasty duck.

You would think that over time - I would get better at discerning the difference between the ducks and the duck-like - something I think a bit more about the closer we come to election time (tomorrow is a Wisconsin primary and of course the November election can't come fast enough).

There are a lot of creatures balancing on two legs and wobbling around us - some even posing for close-ups - trying to prove the ducknicity.  If we could just look a little closer, we might realize that we are re-living that game from our childhood and that we have just been 'goosed.'