Happy Anniversary

August 19, 2012

Today is the 51st anniversary since the day the two people on the left of this page were married.

My Dad didn't get to celebrate this one - he went home to heaven on June 26... but its still a day worth commemorating.

The picture was taken at last year's Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis, Wisconsin.  The Fair was and is a tradition in our family - and Mom and Dad never missed one - since the first one they went to in 1961.

I haven't missed many, but have missed a few when my family lived in South Dakota or in Iowa... but I'm pretty sure there are less than 10 I've missed in my lifetime.  Through my younger years - quite a few of my friends were invited along - 'back in the day' when the Fair offered a car-load day special and everyone in the car received admission for one price.

We started the fair at 9am when the Horticulture Building opened, then walked to the Department of Natural Resources exhibit (when I was young I'd speak to Smokey Bear), and then to the building with the 'World Famous Creme Puffs.'

We would always watch the Kids from Wisconsin - both Mom and Dad saw each version of that excellent song and dance group.  There would be trips around the commercial exhibits, maybe a few barns, and some more shows before a final trip on the sky tram before heading home.

My sister and her family have missed precious few fairs either.

This year none of us made the trip.  I suspect Dad may have been disappointed, but fear not, we'll be there next year - I'll have to buy some honey in Dad's place and maybe use that as a reason for a second Creme Puff!

Happy Anniversary!  I am quite blessed to have been given such great parents who provided a nourishing and nurturing home with guidance and love every single day of the journey.  I thank God each day for placing me in their arms.