Election Day

August 14, 2012

It's election day in Wisconsin as the Republicans decide on their candidate for the US Senate race in November.

My current employment site also serves as a polling place - which reminds me of many days through the years at Lutheran High School of Indianapolis - which also hosted poll workers and voters in three precincts.

Just to keep it interesting, most of the time a poll judge from each precinct would visit the afternoon before the election to check out the site and specity their requirements for our space.  Sometimes they would announce they would like to get in at 4:30am.  'No, sorry' was my reply, 'but I'll be here at 5am to let you in.'  The polls opened at 6.

I usually managed to get to school ahead of the workers so I could undo the alarm (picking up the cans of vegetables that had been carefully stacked in front of each door as an alarm - sarcasm alert - we had a regular alarm system), get the coffee brewing and turn on lights and unlock doors in time for the workers to arrive.  At 5am, they would start coming in - anxious to meet the voters.

Looking back, one of the fun things about opening early for the polls was that it kick-started my day in a quiet manner and allowed for some real focused work for an hour to hour and a half before most co-workers started coming in.  (The last primary didn't work that way when I locked myself out of the school office and had to wait in the commons for a key holding co-worker to arrive.)

Yet, the memories are a good one - especially when I could roll-over this election day morning, knowing that someone, somewhere was letting the right folks in the door.

It's another beautiful day in Wisconsin - hope its great where you are.  Have a fabulous day in the Lord!