Do things ever change?

August 21, 2012

It's another beautiful week here in God's country - highs mostly in the 70s, some lows hitting the upper 40s, and maybe a little heat into the low 80s by the end of the week.


It's been such a refreshing change the last couple of weeks from the hot and humid days that seemed to hang across most of the country from June into and through July. 

That makes me think of what seems to be a rather basic truism of life:  we don't think things will change.  Ever.

Most of us, when it was hot just four weeks ago couldn't imagine clear, humidity free days, and reasonable temperatures in which to work or play.

Just as, when interest rates were high (you may need to be my age or older to remember real high interest rates), it seemed no one believed that they would ever drop again from the double digits they were in back in the early 1980s (Google it).

I recall during one of the times I was 'between jobs,' that it felt like I would never be paid to work again.  It was very discouraging.  Of course, I knew that 'someday' I would work again, but the not knowing made it difficult to figure out when that would be happening.

Likewise, when we have jobs and things seem to be going well (good health, good prospects for the future), we don't think those circumstances will change either.

You know, of course, that God knows what will happen and when, and since He is in control - it doesn't matter that we are not.  It is frustrating sometimes, but it's good to rest it in His hands.

So, as good (or bad) as today might seem - there are several good friends facing health issues in their families right now that are a little bleak - we can rest secure that change is coming, and we don't need to be in control.