By the banks of a babbling brook

August 28, 2012

If you let yourself into the picture - you have my permission to slip off your shoes and socks and sit for a while dangling your tired feet into the restorative cool waters of a north Wisconsin stream.

Maybe you have one like it near you?

Just so you can check - the stream should be far enough from civilization that you can't hear a passing car and the only evidence of aircraft should be contrails crossing the sky in lazy geometric angles.

It's a place where if you also put you brain on a slow idle that you can hear the chattering of squirrels, the calls of birds, the battle cry of flying hawk, and the buzz of the bees.

Look into the water as it whirls into and out of eddys and pay attention to the water-striding bugs and prehistoric crayfish scurrying for cover under the rocks.

You might, if its a real good day, even see a fish or turtle taking in the afternoon sun while perched on a rock.

Aaah.  Isn't that better? 

You and your thoughts - maybe even no thoughts at all - just awareness of God's wonderful creation and the small bit of space you occupy while seated in the midst of some of the prettiest land you have ever seen.

Save a spot for me.  

The conventions are starting.