A New Day to Discover

August 25, 2012

The sun appeared over the horizon this morning (yes, that's a typical happening around these parts) and as it lit up the sky it brought with it a whole host of possibilities.

My third consecutive Saturday getting on the bike and heading out to see what Madison looks like early in the day.

Just by looking at the official bike map of Madison, I had a basic idea of where I wanted to go - more or less north and east, around Lake Monona, and then west and north back home.

I found the first bike path I was searching for without too much trouble and made my way toward the city center - riding past Camp Randall Stadium (where the Badgers start their season next Saturday) and then the Kohl Center (where hockey and basketball Badgers will get going a few months from now) and into the isthmus.

Looking for a place to grab some breakfast, I wasn't seeing the kind of spot I was looking for, until I headed northeast on Williamson and rode past a little place called Willalby's Cafe.  It looked like just the spot to grab some water and hopefully some Mt Dew and a bite to eat.  As you can see to the left - they made one (yep, that's just one) killer pancake.  Filling and delicious and accompanied by some Mt Dew with the natural sugar, I was ready to get back on the bike.

Yellow was a predominant color a little farther down the Capital City Trail as beautiful daisies lined both sides of the bike path as it gave way to stands of old oak trees and fields of corn.

Not sure where I'll ride next time - thankfully with each ride I'm learning a bit more about where the side streets and bike paths are heading and where they intersect.  And now that I know where Willalby's is - I can add that as a breakfast spot for my ride.

Have a great weekend!