A Great Ride!

August 5, 2012

The picture is actually part of the Monon Trail in Indianapolis - but I haven't taken any pictures yet of riding in Madison yet.

Today was my first ride - around 20 miles - from near West Towne Mall to Capital Square and a little farther east before heading up to intersect with the banks of Lake Mendota and riding along the shore as waves washed in and provided a dance floor for small crafts, sailboats, and sailboarders. 

It 's what is called a 'Chamber of Commerce' day as a little taste of the beauty, the wonderful temps (highs in the 70s today!), and sunshine and you never want to leave.  Yes, I know in five months the lake could be frozen and the wind a bit more biting, but that's what makes the summer months all that more enjoyable.

Mostly what I appreciated today was the feeling of being safe while riding.  On the city streets there are bike lanes reserved for buses and bikes and bike paths in many places with its own signs and stoplights that provide clear instructions for everyone.  After six of years of riding the streets of Indianapolis - I can't say I ever felt as comfortable as I did today.  Keep going, Indy, you are on the right track to becoming 'Biker-friendly.'  (On that note, I've noticed a pretty high percentage of bikers obeying street signs and signals, which help us bikers get along with our friends on four wheels.)

Just missed one thing on the ride today - an ice cream stop.  I did see a few candidates and also rode by some restaurants that I need to check into - Dotty Dumpling Dowry looks very interesting and worthy of a special trip.

I really liked riding up State Street toward the Capitol.  The people trying to wake up and grab their coffee and doing a little window shopping creates quite the street-scape.

Loved riding along the lake - at one point the path I was on became more gravel and then disappeared to nothing except a dusty trail up a short hill to the next street.  Good thing my bike doesn't weigh too much - I thought to myself that would be something to add for the next Tour de' France - a portion where riders portaged their bikes around obstacls.

You really need to bring a bike next time you are in Madison.  If you don't have one, rent one.  There are bikes for rent at racks all over town.  Set a couple hours aside and really experience the city - you'll be glad you did.

After my ride - it's time for lunch, maybe a little downtime, and prepping for my first day with Oakwood Lutheran Senior Ministries. 

My introduction alludes to my career path - news, insurance, development - and this is my third stop on the development trail.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve Lutheran High in Indianapolis and looking forward to serving the people here at Oakwood Lutheran.

Have a great day!  (This week, I promise to share where the blog title comes from!)