A Welcome Spot of Shade

July 28, 2012

The shade is quite remarkable and unremarkable all at the same time.

Cloudy days mean we pay very little attention to a dark spot on the ground cast by a tree, building, or plane.

But on a hot day - especially like those we've had in the Midwest for the last month - even a fleeting time in the shade can make even the hottest day feel a bit more comfortable.

The challenge becomes to seek the shade and be the shade for others - provide a little comfort and a little respite from the heat - whatever its source - and offer the opportunity for them to catch their breath.

My weekend is a little like a spot of shade.  Our move is now mere days away, and while most of the work has been done - there are still details to go.  We've been confirmed for the moving van pickup and its arrival at our destination in Wisconsin's state capital.

Just on tap for me is taking care of a satellite radio receiver hanging outside our window - moving stuff from the garage up to the apartment - and packing those things that we will need en route.  There is also  the matter of packing my stuff - which is only fair since I am not being asked to pack up very much.

I have to leave a little behind here in Indy.  This past week I left some blood on a visit to the Indiana Blood Center; today its hair on a stop to SportClips; and no doubt some sweat will be left behind by the time the weekend is past.

Looking forward to the next spot of shade the first weekend of August will come the unpacking and re-arranging.  Hopefully, the stuff we are consigning to the storage unit won't prove to be something we have to hunt up from the boxes things we thought we wouldn't need for a few weeks.  If the shade stays in place long enough - I'm hoping to get out on my bike and explore some of the bike paths and routes around Madison.

Yet as I look back over six plus years of life and work and fun in central Indiana - there has been a lot of shade provided by trees like those in the picture taken at Camp Lakeview near Seymour - friends have provided a lot of welcome shade and frequently a literal or figurative glass of sweet tea.  Thanks to all my friends and family for providing shade from the occasional searing heat and as a refuge from the even rarer passing storm.

Today's challenge - try to provide some shade for someone today.  Surprise someone with an unexpected act of kindness to a neighbor you haven't yet met; or make a point of being friendly to one of the over-worked, under-appreciated people you will encounter.

Make it a great day....   raise the praise - minimize the criticize!